Where is Cleveland County?

Where is Cleveland County UK?

Cleveland Co UK described an area of the North East of England when the Cleveland Co UK Friendship Force was formed. The name was in place from 1974 to1996 and is now more commonly known as Tees Valley, however the club has retained its name.

It is an area of North East England. Cleveland means “cliff land, referring to its hilly southern areas, which rise to nearly 460 metres(1,500ft). 

The area has a significant industrial heritage arising from its central role in the 19th century iron industry. The Cleveland Hills, in the southern part of the district, were key suppliers of the ironstone that was essential to the running of the blast furnaces alongside the River Tees. 

Middlesbrough’s Teesport is still populated by many heavy industrial plants, although this is much reduced from its 20th century peak. 

The chemical industry was very important in the last century but has declined drastically in recent years. 

Much of the area is farmland with a coast of beaches and cliffs.

Ambassadors coming to our club can fly to Newcastle or Durham Tees Valley airports although the latter has a very restricted number of flights, others arrive by train at Darlington. Hosts are happy to meet ambassadors at Durham Tees Valley or Darlington without charge, but arriving at Newcastle incurs the cost of a coach.

Railway enthusiasts will enjoy knowing that the first passenger railway in the world ran from Stockton to Darlington as well as the National railway museums at York and Shildon There are various heritage railways in the area. 


Stockton riverside


Stockton High Street   

Roseberry Topping Middlesborogh Transporter Bridge